Writing is a meaningful activity and I can think of no better way to learn about a counselor than through writing. You can learn a lot from the way a person tells their story. Sharing your story requires trust, so it only seems fair to share in return. In that spirit, I offer a look at counseling as I see it, not just as a therapist but as researcher, writer, and gamer geek as well. Here's to the journey!

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04th Sep 2016

Motivation: Be the person through whom you wish to influence others

31st Aug 2016

Play by Prescription: Using Imagination and Play for Change

Can therapy be more like play and still be effective? Much of the advice coming from the mental health field in America is pretty dismal. Between daily doses of psychoactive medication...

11th Jul 2016

AMA or Help, I’m a Writer in Counseling School!

Strange as it may seem, I miss the regular writing of undergrad.  Don’t get me wrong, Regis is a fine counseling school and we spend a lot of time in...

11th Jul 2016

Dream Interpretation: Five reasons to explore your dreams

People often say “I don’t dream” or “I don’t remember dreams” but I would guess that if you have ever remembered a dream or nightmare upon waking, then you have had...

11th Jul 2016

What’s Convergence Counseling About?

The Convergence Counseling blog is intended to serve as a gathering place to share my thoughts during my continuing growth and experience as a counselor. This should prove useful not...